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Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

Great HMO Opportunity: A 2 bedroom property to be converted to a 3 bedroom HMO with licensing.

Purchase Figures:
Deal Price
£37,194 (includes full deposit, refurbishment fee, stamp duty, HMO Licence & sourcing fee)

Purchase Price £80,000

Open Market Value £105,000

BMV Discount 30%

Mortgage at 75% LTV £60,000

Monthly Mortgage Payment at 3% £150

Deposit (25%) £20,000

Gross Rent (based on 3 rooms at £400 pcm) £1,200

Stamp Duty (depending on each client) £0

Refurbishment Cost (inc VAT) £10,000

Full Project Management Fee £7,194 (sourcing, finance application management, building project management, tenant implementation & overseeing re-finance)


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